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Abhumans are human subspecies - descendants of humans who have physically evolved after long periods of isolation on worlds with various extreme environmental conditions.


The Imperium recognizes 73 stable abhuman strains, of which 46 types are now listed as extinct, with a further 12 suggesting they too have died out or been assimilated into the greater population. The status of the remaining 15 strains is an issue of constant debate within the Administratum's Tithes Chamber Notaries, sub. Planetary Census (Abhumans), the administrative body that deals with Abhuman affairs.[3]

In an Imperium where genetic mutation and spiritual corruption are often interrelated, abhumans are a focus of much controversy. In more liberal times under the Emperor, even markedly divergent abhumans such as the Beastmen could serve in the Imperial Guard. Since the Emperor's stasis however, only the lesser deviants, such as Ogryns and Ratlings, are considered Imperial citizens. However, they are still distrusted by the more puritan members of the Inquisition.

Imperial Guard armies may make use of Abhumans. These Beastmen (or Homo sapiens variatus), Mutant Slave Levies (ordinary mutant slaves rounded up for cannon fodder), Feral Ogryns (even nastier and more primitive than regular Ogryns), Nightsiders (originating from worlds of perpetual or near-perpetual darkness, little to no ability to see but perfect warriors for Night Fighting missions), Afriel Strain Soldiers (genetically engineered from DNA taken from great heroes of the Imperium, very unlucky and unpopular), Subs (relatively genetically stable but still hideously deformed mutant sub-breeds) and Gland Warriors (Imperial Guardsmen implanted with special organs and glands that secrete combat-useful chemicals, such as stimms and pain-killers).

Afriel Strain

Main article: Afriel Strain

Afriel Strain soldiers were created during an experimental process, of which little is known about. It was an attempt to capitalise on the characteristics of the heroes of the Imperium's genetic material, using all the best traits which made them great. It was an attempt to create the perfect soldier, which failed. Afriel Strain warriors, for some reason, have the worst luck. Afriels are normally albino, with pale alabaster skin, pale hair and colourless eyes.


Main article: Beastman

Beastmen (Homo Sapiens Variatus) are bestial abhumans combining the forms of animal and human. They were formerly recruited for the Imperial Guard, where they were valued mainly for their bloodlust; they fought for the Emperor in order to atone for their sin of being born mutants. They were led by Beastmen called packmasters. Beastmen are no longer seen in Imperial service; no doubt elements of the Inquisition convinced the Administratum that they couldn't be so radically altered from normal humans without being tainted by Chaos. Today, Beastmen are the subject of severe Imperial persecution and are hunted down by the Adeptus Arbites.[3]

Gland Warriors

Main article: Gland Warriors

Gland Warriors were created to fight invading Tyranids on the Forge World Dantris III[1]


Main article: House Goliath

Members of the Necromundan House Goliath, these freakishly large vat-grown warriors can pass a even a Space Marine in size. They also suffer from a variety of defects, most notably mental imbalances, slow movement and extremely short lifespans, thus, they are considered by many to be a classifiable strain of Abhuman.[4]


Nightsiders live out their lives in near or complete darkness. They may have larger eyes than a normal human, almost bulbous; others may have vestigial eyes with other senses to compensate for the near blindness.


Main article: Ogryn

Ogryns (Homo Sapiens Gigantus) evolved on cold, high-gravity prison planets. They are huge and stupid but extremely loyal once introduced to the Imperial Cult. It's even said that those who fought as rebels in the Horus Heresy only did so because their superior officers lied to them about which side they were on. Ogryns are used as shock troops, wielding heavy automatic shotguns called Ripper Guns, which can be used as clubs. They tend to be claustrophobic and thus are difficult to transport in Chimera APCs. They are led by Bone'eads, who have undergone Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancement so they're not quite so stupid.

The issue of Ogryn classification is one of the most contentious within the Administratum's Abhuman department. This complex strain is currently listed as seven distinct types (Alpha, Theta, Type IV, Type VIIa, H.S. gigantus gigantus, H.S. gigantus Cranopus, and the mysterious Grey Ogryns). Many within the department believe that many of these classifications are all separate types, and another revision of strain classification is required.[3]


Main article: Ratling

Ratlings (Homo Sapiens Minimus) are the smallest type of abhumans, serving as snipers in the Imperial Guard, although this role is becoming less popular now that pure human special weapon and light infantry squads are fielding marksmen as well. Ratlings also serve as cooks, a skill they no doubt learned in order to feed their own stomachs. They also tend towards kleptomania.


Main article: Scalies

The Scalies of Necromunda are a relatively stable type of abhuman though not quite as stable as Ogryns for example. They are tall and broad reptilians with legendary strength and durability. Among the people of the Underhive they have a fearsome reputation.[2]


Main article: Squat

Squats (Homo Sapiens Rotundus) originated on high-gravity worlds towards the galactic core, making them short and tough. They seceded from the Imperium during the Age of Apostasy. They are said to have been mostly been wiped out by the Tyranids.


Other recognized Abhumans within the Imperium are:[3]