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Attack Craft

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Attack Craft are the small, carrier-launched spacecraft that provide far-ranging support for battlefleets in combat. The difficulty of hitting such targets with anti-ship weapons makes them a formidable weapon, but they are held back by their lack of endurance.


Most attack craft fall into one of three broad categories: Fighters, Bombers, and Assault Boats.

  • Fighters are small, one-man craft that intercept and destroy enemy attack craft and ordnance, but lack the firepower to damage starships.
  • Bombers are (relatively) large, lumbering craft that carry heavy anti-ship weapons.
  • Assault Boats clamp on to enemy ships and deliver their cargo of elite soldiers for a short but damaging boarding action.


Imperial Navy

Space Marines




Dark Eldar



The Tyranids use a number of organisms that approximate the function of fighters and assault boats, but they are far too varied to be categorized into distinct classes as such.[4]