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Force weapon

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Force weapons are advanced, psychically-attuned close combat weapons that are only fully effective in the hands of a psyker. Force weapons effectively act as deadly, psychic extensions of the wielder's own powers. They are designed to allow a psyker to channel deadly warp energies into their victim, acting as a conduit between the wielder's mind and the flesh of his target.

Large alien monstrosities and daemons that are resilient to conventional weapons can be slain outright by a single wound, as their bodies and minds are destroyed by the unearthly powers of the Immaterium.

Force weapons take the form of swords, spears or other close combat weapons. Within the structure of the weapon is interwoven a powerful psi-convector, formed into a precise serpentine shape which concentrates and directs psychic energy. This sometimes appears as a pattern on the blade. If a non-psyker takes up such a weapon it functions as a standard weapon.4

Types of Force Weapons

Force Weapon

The basic force weapon is used by psykers of all races, often taking the form of a sword, axe or staff.

Force Rod

Force rods are black rods of alien origin which act as psychic batteries. Psykers may store their psychic energy in the rod to be used in the future, giving the individual an additional source of energy in combat. The rod is used as a normal force weapon in combat, but the wielder may draw the stored psychic energy from the rod to increase the power of the attack.4, 7 Force rods are in some ways analogous to null rods.

Nemesis Force Weapon

Main article: Nemesis Force Weapon2
The Nemesis force weapon is used solely by the Grey Knights, who are all psykers. The power unleashed by a Nemesis weapon is directly proportional to the individual wielder's own psychic capacity.


Main article: Witch Blade3
Witchblades are Eldar force weapons wielded by Farseers and Warlocks.

Singing Spear

Main article: Singing Spear3
The Singing Spear is an Eldar force weapon similar to the Witchblade, but which can be thrown, returning automatically to the wielder's hand.

Unique Force Weapons

Rod of Tigurius

Main article: Rod of Tigurius 5
The Rod of Tigurius, used by Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius of the Ultramarines.

Traitor's Bane

Main article: Traitor's Bane 8
The Traitor's Bane, used by Chief Librarian Ezekiel of the Dark Angels.

Black Staff of Ahriman

Main article: Black Staff of Ahriman 6
The Black Staff of Ahriman, used by Chaos Sorcerer Ahriman of the Thousand Sons.


The force sword Vitarius, used by Chief Librarian Mephiston of the Blood Angels.


Main article: Manreaper6
Used by Typhus of the Death Guard. Shaped like a giant scythe, it is also a poisoned weapon.


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