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!colspan=6 style="text-align:center;background:#656565;" | <big>Other Portals</big>
!colspan=6 style="text-align:center;background:#656565;" | <big>Other Portals</big>
|align=center| [[Image:Logo citation.png|center|80px]] <br> [[Portal:Quotes|Quotes]]
|style="background:#111; color: black" colspan=1 align=center| [[Image:Logo citation.png|center|80px]]  
|align=center| [[Image:PortalBildMiniaturen.jpg|center|80px]]<br> [[Portal:Miniatures|Miniatures]]  
|style="background:#111; color: black" colspan=1 align=center| [[Image:PortalBildMiniaturen.jpg|center|80px]]  
|align=center| [[Image:Acolyte (Cropped).jpg |center|89px]]<br> [[Portal:Publications|Publications]]  
|style="background:#111; color: black" colspan=1 align=center| [[Image:Acolyte (Cropped).jpg |center|89px]]  
|align=center| [[Image:GalaxyportalImage.jpg |center|80px]]<br> [[Portal:Galaxy|Galaxy]]  
|style="background:#111; color: black" colspan=1 align=center| [[Image:GalaxyportalImage.jpg |center|80px]]
|align=center| [[Image:Die.jpg |center|80px]]<br> [[Portal:Games|Games]]  
|style="background:#111; color: black" colspan=1 align=center| [[Image:Die.jpg |center|89px]]  
|align=center| [[Image:Lexicanum symbol.jpg |center|80px]] <br> [[Portal:Lexicanum|Lexicanum]]
|style="background:#111; color: black" colspan=1 align=center| [[Image:Lexicanum symbol.jpg |center|80px]]  
|style="background:#999; color: black" colspan=1 align=center|[[Portal:Quotes|Quotes]]
|style="background:#999; color: black" colspan=1 align=center|[[Portal:Miniatures|Miniatures]]
|style="background:#999; color: black" colspan=1 align=center|[[Portal:Publications|Publications]]
|style="background:#999; color: black" colspan=1 align=center|[[Portal:Galaxy|Galaxy]]
|style="background:#999; color: black" colspan=1 align=center|[[Portal:Games|Games]]
|style="background:#999; color: black" colspan=1 align=center|[[Portal:Lexicanum|Lexicanum]]

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On the 06.01.2012 Tobias Reinold, also known as "Techpriester", passed away. Tobias was a long-time companion - as a programmer of Sphärentor, as a partner in the predecessor of today's Lexicanum, then under the project name "Adeptus Lexicanum", as co-producer of DAMNATUS, as a fellow forumite on Forenplanet.de and in other things. We would like to pay him our respect and mourn with his family. Rest in peace, Techpriester. (Link to detailed obituary)

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  • The Lexicanum has a new Main Page! The Forum is available for feedback.
  • Users are not allowed to use Lexicanum webspace for their own background if they do not contribute regularly and have not made at least 100 useful contributions
  • We need help in building up the help pages of both English wikis for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. At first we should transfer all help pages from the German wikis, then rename the titles and links and last but not least translate everything into English.
The unofficial Warhammer 40,000 Encyclopedia

The Lexicanum is a fan-made encyclopedia based on the successful online database Wikipedia and is about the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000 produced by Games Workshop. Each of you has the possibility to take part - everybody is free to write, correct and enhance articles. So come and join in!

Please note that the wiki is for official canon only. If you want to put your own armies up we suggest you log in and use your user page. Anything found outside of user pages will be subject to deletion. The complete content in english of the Lexicanum actually consists of 20,298 Articles that have been accessed Template:NUMBEROFVIEWS times.

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How can I serve?

After looking around in the Lexicanum, have a look at the help pages, who will teach you step by step how to use this wiki. For trying out we recommend the Immaterium.

Also, if you can think of a topic you would like to see but can't find, put it at the Requested articles list. Please note that this website is for GW official fiction only.

Please also note: Lexicanum is a place for official canon information only. You are only allowed to include your own fan-made armies on your user page (and nowhere else) after you have made at least 100 useful contributions concerning official canon information on the Lexicanum.

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