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Mordian Iron Guard

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IG Regiment Overview

Basic Data Miniature
- Mordian Iron Guard -
Homeworld: Mordian
Regiment Name: Mordian Iron Guard
Specialities: Discipline, Drill

The Mordian Iron Guard are an Imperial Guard regiment from the planet Mordian. It is a harsh and unforgiving planet, and given to extremes. It is ruled in the Emperor's name by a body known as the Tetrarchs. The rule of the Tetrarchs is harsh, autocratic and above all absolute. This environment has bred a regimental system dedicated to the chain of command and an iron discipline at all levels. The Mordian troops themselves are named and renowned for their iron resolve and their dour and unforgiving natures.


Recruitment & Training

Mordians believe in drill and discipline above all. Regiments are drilled in close formation heavy infantry tactics and volley fire, presenting their lasrifles to deliver devastating blasts from densely-packed shoulder-to-shoulder formations.
A Mordian Iron Guard Trooper

Battle Style

Mordians believe in perfect precision and constant drill to overcome their foes, and will rarely be seen routed, rather they make fighting retreats to a better and more defensible position. They are often pitched against the forces of Chaos due to their experience dealing with them during the invasion of their homeworld.


The Iron Guards prefer to go into combat wearing the same dress-style uniforms they do on the parade ground. They believe that precision and discipline are the keys to winning battles, rather than hiding in the terrain.

The bright colors and elaborate decoration on the Iron Guards' uniforms often mislead their enemies into thinking they are facing ceremonial troops with little combat experience. This misapprehension is usually corrected as soon as they attempt to advance in the face of the Iron Guards' precise volleys and unyielding resolve.8

The Mordian Iron Guard prefer to use Grenade Launchers and Lascannons.

Notable Regiments


Regiment Notes
2nd The Mordian 2nd were part of the Macharian Crusade and were victorious in their objectives during the Invasion of Jucha.1-p9
3rd The Mordian 3rd is one of the most decorated and celebrated Iron Guard regiments on Mordian. The Mordian 3rd took part in the Battle of the Marble Garden which was in defence of Hive Barbarossa against an Ork Waaagh!.8
10th The Mordian 10th fought in the 13th Black Crusade.6-p91
11th The Mordian 11th fought in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.3
26th The Mordian 26th served under Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn of the Vostroyan Firstborn, supreme commander of the Imperial forces on Medusa V.9 p33
56th The 56th Mordian are a mechanised force.1-p30


Regiment Notes
16th Armoured The Mordian 16th Armoured regiment contains a Stygies VIII pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher. It is either of the first company or of the third, depending on the markings of the vehicle.5-p37
278th Armoured The Mordian 278th armoured division fought in the Battle for Baric Six against the Orks, losing two armored companies and the regimental Baneblade Steel Might to a stolen Mordian Deathstrike missile launcher. Following this turn of events a two year long investigation took place resulting in the execution of a dozen or so Mordian Generals.8.0
3rd Heavy Tank Company The 3rd Mordian Heavy Tank Company is known to include a Mars pattern Shadowsword (possibly known as Alpha Three7-p6) as the third tank of the company, although the rest of the company is a mix of Baneblades, Shadowswords and Stormblades. It is possible that this tank has had two confirmed titan kills.5-p95

Notable Members

Miniatures Range

Mordians with multiple types of uniforms


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