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Ordo Sepulturum

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The Ordo Sepulturum are one of the many Ordos Minoris of the Imperial Inquisition.[1]


The Ordo Sepulturum is one of the smallest and more specialized within the Inquisition. It operates around the Eye of Terror and is dedicated to plagues that threaten the Imperium, such as the Zombie Plague and the Obliterator Virus. Even though occurrences of Plague Zombies have been recorded across the Imperium for millennia, the Plague Fleets of the Chaos Champion Typhus have increased the threat level posed by such a foe to the level where they are considered a serious danger to the Imperium.[1]

To herald Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade, incidents involving the Zombie Plague increased around the Cadian system dramatically. This brought the attention of the Inquisition's agents with numerous Thorian agents in communication with each other. The rising number of such Inquisitors that were investigating the plague resulted in the formation of the Ordo Sepulturum.[1]

Notable Inquisitors

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