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|Title=Ordo Lexicanum
|Title=Ordo Lexicanum
|Box Content=
|Box Content=
'''SysOps:''' [[User:Dalen|Dalen]], [[User:Hobbes1012|Hobbes1012]], [[User:Inquisitor S.|Inquisitor S.]], [[User:Jonru|Jonru]]
'''SysOps:''' [[User:Inquisitor S.|Inquisitor S.]], [[User:Genestealer|Genestealer]]
'''SysOp Candidates:''' none at the moment
'''SysOp Candidates:''' none at the moment

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The Lexicanum Community portal is where you can find information on the projects taking place on this wiki.

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Ordo Lexicanum

SysOps: Inquisitor S., Genestealer

SysOp Candidates: none at the moment

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  • 02.07.2009: users are not allowed to use Lexicanum webspace for their own background if they do not contribute regularly and have not made at least 100 useful contributions
  • Featured Articles section created here, on the Community Portal. If you have any ideas of good articles please contact me.--Jonru 12:15, 7 February 2008 (CET)
  • 15.01.2008: Several articles have been spammed recently so I decided to restrict access to several of the more important pages, mainly templates. If you have any wish to alter an existing template or know of an article which should be protected, please contact me.--Jonru 14:43, 15 January 2008 (CET)
  • The first fan portal (Fan Portal: Immortal Enemies) has been created, congratulations and long may our relationship continue!

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