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'''SysOps:''' [[User:Inquisitor S.|Inquisitor S.]], [[User:Genestealer|Genestealer]]
'''SysOps:''' [[User:Inquisitor S.|Inquisitor S.]], [[User:Genestealer|Genestealer]]
'''SysOp Candidates:''' none at the moment
'''SysOp Candidates:''' - [[User:Thelemur|Thelemur]] (he-he-he - I added myself...)
'''Contact:''' [[Lexicanum:Open_Discussion|Open Discussion]]
'''Contact:''' [[Lexicanum:Open_Discussion|Open Discussion]]

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The Lexicanum Community portal is where you can find information on the projects taking place on this wiki.

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Ordo Lexicanum

SysOps: Inquisitor S., Genestealer

SysOp Candidates: - Thelemur (he-he-he - I added myself...)

Contact: Open Discussion



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  • 05.07.2010: The German Warhammer 40,000-Lexicanum celebrates its 10,000th article: Ephrael Stern
  • 13.04.2010: Lexicanum goes Facebook? Please discuss
  • 18.01.2010: New Template:C (Comment) for superscript texts or numbers.
  • 02.07.2009: users are not allowed to use Lexicanum webspace for their own background if they do not contribute regularly and have not made at least 100 useful contributions
  • 15.01.2008: Several articles have been spammed recently so I decided to restrict access to several of the more important pages, mainly templates.--Jonru 14:43, 15 January 2008 (CET)
  • The first fan portal (Fan Portal: Immortal Enemies) has been created, congratulations and long may our relationship continue!

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