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(Notable Recongregators)
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==Notable Recongregators==
==Notable Recongregators==
*[[Lucius Fulcio]]
*[[Astrid Skane]]
*[[Astrid Skane]]

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A Recongregationism inquisitor

Recongregationism is a Radical philosophical faction of the Inquisition.


Recongregationists hold that the Imperium, after millennia, has become decadent and corrupt. To remedy this, Recongregators consider that the Imperium should be rebuilt, lest it stagnate further and collapse under the pressure of countless threats from both without and within.[1]

The main issue within the Recongregators themselves is if this change to the Imperium should be sudden or gradual. Those who favor slow change might slowly cripple the economic power of ruling elites through sabotaging production of tithed materials or sponsoring internecine strife and vendetta. They might isolate them politically by bribing or blackmailing their political allies, both on- and off-world. A campaign of whispers that paint the established rulers as laughable or indecisive might then open the door for a new set of rulers to be established and supported with the backing of all involved. Meanwhile those Recongregators who favor swift change might plant damning evidence of deep heretical practice among the ruling elite and let the Imperial authority sweep them away.[3]

Feudal Worlds within the Imperium are often subject to the attentions of Recongregator manipulation. A Recongregator who favors change from the top down would work to replace the established monarch of a Feudal World with a new bolder monarch who wants to reform the world outside of primitive tradition. An equally profound change could be made to the same Feudal World by introducing and spreading unconventional ideas amongst its population. Off-world technology that breaks the need to work by hand, weapons that remove the ability of the nobility to enforce their rule, or the idea that the nobility are not more worthy by birth can all cause the traditional rule of a Feudal World to become untenable and change to become a necessity.[3]

Recongregators are mostly found within the Ordo Hereticus, where they can learn of individuals who may be useful for their plans. They often help anti-Imperial sects and covens, even altering the cult's philosophies to match their own if possible. They are not above extreme action when necessary. Not surprisingly, they have frequent run-ins with rival Inquisitors of the Amalathian philosophy, leading to a precocious situation where one Inquisitor is seeking to destabilize a particular person's or organization's power, while the other strives to maintain it.[2]

Notable Recongregators