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Shrine World

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Image of the Shrine World

Shrine Worlds are worlds devoted to a Saint of the Imperium and are often named in their honour. These worlds attract huge amounts of pilgrims from all over the Imperium. Most shrine worlds usually fall into another category - for example Hagia is an agri world while Herodor is a hive world. They have a strong relationship with the saint in question, such as being the world of his or her birth or martyrdom.

Notable Shrine Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Sector Subsector System Population
Hagia Segmentum Pacificus Sabbat Worlds Unknown Unknown Unknown
Herodor Segmentum Pacificus Sabbat Worlds Khan Group Unknown Unknown
Macharia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ophelia VII Segmentum Tempestus Unknown Unknown Ophelia system Unknown
Sanctus Lys Unknown Palatine Sector Unknown Unknown Unknown
Terra Segmentum Solar Solar sector Sol subsector Sol System Unknown