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  • The {{PAGENAME}} once was once located inside of the eye of a statue, on the [[Ratling]] [[Imperium]] world [[Ornsworld]], where it was worshipp
    3 KB (499 words) - 09:56, 2 May 2017
  • ...ses to the loyalists, he was eventually torn up by Shrike and impaled on a statue of the Emperor where Kor'sarro Khan beheaded him{{Fn|1a}} in the streets of
    2 KB (314 words) - 07:38, 20 May 2018
  • ...ory. The mechanism was simple: their departing souls would flow into each statue and grant Amnaich existence within hundreds of these nigh-indestructible fo ...ted no time, and immediately positioned a ship above each and every single statue. At a signal from Fleet Command, each of the ships launched a [[lance]] st
    4 KB (600 words) - 04:50, 15 March 2015
  • ...four-armed statue of the realm's god of death. Recognising the four armed statue as the unmistakable mark of [[Genestealer]] infiltration, Jacobus persuaded
    2 KB (345 words) - 23:54, 5 May 2013
  • ...four-armed statue of the realm's god of death. Recognizing the four-armed statue as the unmistakable mark of Genestealer infiltration, Jacobus persuaded the
    2 KB (279 words) - 11:58, 25 October 2018
  • ...is a huge three panelled altar and at the front of the chapel is an ornate statue of Mandulis.{{Fn|1c}} ...dead of an entire century. Individual tombs are marked by a plaque and a statue of the interred Grey Knight{{Fn|5a}}. Within the Dead Fields, lies the '''T
    8 KB (1,162 words) - 01:08, 7 September 2018
  • ...ning finial. The front gate of the pyramid was not surmounted by a golden statue of their cult symbol, like the other cult pyramids, but by ''[[Canis Vertex
    12 KB (1,929 words) - 20:49, 21 February 2018
  • ...is -like all of the serial- limited on 5000 pieces all over the world. The statue is about 15cm high and equipped with a plasma cannon. It represented a Dark
    914 bytes (140 words) - 18:02, 9 July 2013
  • ...rriors of the Imperium. During the battle Megron toppled a forty-foot tall statue of Saint [[Petch]], a beloved Imperial saint to whom the world looked for s
    14 KB (2,265 words) - 11:27, 27 June 2016
  • ...lery batteries were first assigned to strike symbolic targets, such as the statue of Magnus atop the '''Acropolis Magna,''' before being loosed in indiscrimi ...s Vertex]]'', positioned in front of the Pyrae Pyramid like some grandiose statue, blossomed into life. Enthroned in a crystal projecting chamber at the peak
    44 KB (6,852 words) - 11:49, 24 December 2018
  • ...at [[Inquisitor]] [[Amberley Vail]] could produce was that, it refers to a statue or effigy in a past epoch, but the importance of commemorating the genus ''
    3 KB (503 words) - 21:47, 28 September 2013
  • ...r [[Spirit stone]]s, they begin the terrifying ritual where they weave the statue with the eldritch energy of one of the Exarch souls that formed their own c
    992 bytes (164 words) - 21:41, 4 December 2012
  • ...at infects them all. Outwardly, Phoros looks almost like a living Imperial statue, fair and clad in gold, but within his soul, he is filled with an indomitab
    2 KB (249 words) - 09:05, 28 February 2015
  • ...]] succeeded him as Captain of the 2nd Company. The Ultramarines erected a statue of Titus in the Hall of Heroes.{{Fn|2}}
    4 KB (665 words) - 08:07, 10 September 2018
  • ...s''', the Shrine of Garm's Skull is a large, balconied pyramid topped by a statue of a wolf rampant, set upon a fortified plain.{{Fn|1a}}
    4 KB (654 words) - 08:54, 17 January 2016
  • ...f his cartel. Three months to the day after the battle, he was led to the statue of the [[Emperor]] in the capital city, weeping and soiled, and hanged from
    5 KB (820 words) - 19:16, 1 January 2013
  • ...76.[[M41]] during renovation work within the Basilica's inner sanctum, the statue was damaged, and Ka'jagga'nath's stasis prison was disrupted. The [[Greater
    2 KB (292 words) - 16:37, 24 August 2013
  • ...the primarch is disturbed to witness what appears to be a damaged [[Avatar|statue]] haul itself from the ground and confront him. Learning that it is an [[Av
    22 KB (3,734 words) - 20:25, 25 December 2018
  • Neotera remains silent, and still as a statue during his interrogation, but his mind flicks back to the events that led h
    4 KB (551 words) - 15:49, 6 December 2018
  • ...banner to fall, spurring the troops on to finally liberate the system. A statue of Galatan stands in the Fortess of Hera on [[Macragge]] in honour of his c
    43 KB (6,637 words) - 12:51, 3 June 2018

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