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Trajann Valoris

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Trajann Valoris[2]

Trajann Valoris is the current Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes


An imposing and cold man with a severely scarred face[1c], at the time of the Thirteenth Black Crusade Trajann was considered to be perhaps the deadliest individual warrior in the entire Imperium. Those who know of Valoris' existence, speak of him with reverence and considered the Captain-General to be a representative of the Emperor. Though the Captain-General traditionally only served as one of the High Lords of Terra under the most dire of circumstances, as during the War of the Beast, the fervent persistence of Chancellor Lev Tieron persuaded Valoris to take the seat left open by Lord Brach. Tieron had hoped that Valoris would serve as the High Lords' deciding vote to abolish the Lex Imperialis, which would allow the Custodes to leave Terra and fight against the Despoiler's forces[1a], but the Captain-General disagreed with this. He was about to vote no against the abolishment and defeat the measure when pandemonium broke out as word of Cadia's destruction reached the High Lords' chambers.[1b]

During the subsequent Second Battle of Terra against the forces of Khorne, Valoris was the overall commander of Imperial forces at the Imperial Palace and personally led a charge of 4,000 Custodes from the Lion's Gate. When Roboute Guilliman arrived from Luna Valoris cooperated with the Primarch, much to the disdain of several High Lords like Irthu Haemotalion. Valoris even allowed Guilliman to stand before the Golden Throne itself.[1d]