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Inquisitorial Acolyte

An Acolyte (sometimes referred to as an Explicator or Interrogator) is an apprentice Inquisitor given over to the tutelage of a more experienced member of the Inquisition. Acolytes accompany a fully experienced Inquisitor in his Inquisitorial duties. He may perform a number of tasks such as warrior, scribe, and interrogator. After a set amount of time, his or her master will recommend to the Ordos of the Inquisition to advance the Acolyte to full Inquisitorial rank. After this, the Acolyte is a full Inquisitor and begins his own agenda and operations. Although the former Acolyte is no longer bound to his old master, the two will have formed a bond and may work together and help one another in the future.

Acolytes start at the rank of Explicator, where they learn how to extract information using torture under the direction of their mentor Inquisitor. Explicators move up as more experience is gained in the ways of the Inquisition to the rank of Interrogator. Interrogators are both capable and strong, having a tremendous will to survive battle alongside their mentors.

Acolytes are also often called upon to do separate missions of less importance or provide additional firepower for their mentor. Simple missions can include anything from running errands to a planetary government, getting take-out meals, shuttling around important people, scouting terrain and filing reports; to fully representing an Inquisitor's presence on an entire planet which may include hunting down a particular individual, leading a group of individuals to exterminate a cult etc. Often Acolytes are sent into an area to set up a base of operations in preparation for the coming of their mentors and subsequent missions.

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