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An Action is one of nine processes used by Interrogators and Inquisitors to gain information from a prisoner. Each action is progressively more severe than the last. The technology used by the Inquisition allows, if required, the most agonizing pain to be inflicted without actual physical damage being done. The "questioning" is carried out in well-equipped Inquisition bases - while in the field, the portable torture devices known as excruciators are implemented. The Actions proceed as follows:

Stage Description
1st Verbal interrogation of a suspect. No physical harm done.
2nd Threatening of further Actions. No physical harm.
3rd Light physical torture, followed by verbal interrogation.
4th Light physical torture and psychological manipulation.
5th Psychic interrogation with possible light torture and verbal interrogation.
6th Sensory and/or physical deprivation.
7th Intensive psychic interrogation.
8th Use of psycho-chemical drugs.
9th Unrelenting torture. Tremendous amounts of pain, both physical and mental. Verbal interrogation follows only if suspect survives long enough.