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Afriel Strain

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The Afriel Strain was a shadowy experimental process which used genetic material from a number of the Imperium's greatest heroes to, in effect, make clones of them. The legendary Macharius was among the individuals replicated in this manner.

The Afriel Strain was an attempt to create the perfect soldier, though it resulted in unforeseen mishaps. For no reason that their creators could ascertain, the Afriels appeared to attract the animosity of other warriors and suffer from the most appalling bad luck. In each case when the Afriel Strain has been fielded, it has met with a period of success - for its soldiers are undoubtedly superior - followed by a rapid decline and destruction of the regiment. Nonetheless, whoever the creators of the Afriel Strain may be, they continue to experiment, fielding their "perfect soldiers" across the war zones of the Imperium.

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