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Age of Dark Genesis

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The Age of Dark Genesis is one of the three periods of Dark Eldar history. It saw the founding of Commorragh and the rise of Asdrubael Vect to supreme power. It was followed by the Age of Pain.[1]

Important Events

  • M18: Commorragh is established by the Eldar Empire as a nodal port of the Webway.[1]
  • M18-M20: The twisted pleasure cults take up permanent residence in the Webway[1]
  • M25-M30: The depravity of the Eldar race plumbs to terrible new depths. Pleasure and pain cults flourish and Eldar society becomes obsessed with acts of excess. A new evil force stirs in the Warp.[1]
  • M30-M31: Sensing the end, portions of Eldar create Craftworlds and escape the corruption that plagues their empire.[1]
  • M31: Fall of the Eldar. The denizens of Commorragh are unaffected and stay true to their twisted ways. To prevent themselves from dying and ending up in Slaanesh's clutches, they extend their lives by absorbing suffering.[1]
  • M32: A half-born slave known only as Vect vows he shall rule the Dark City, eventually founding the Cult of the Black Heart. It is the first organization to refer to themselves as the Eladrith Ynneas or Dark Eldar.[1]
  • M33: The War of the Sun and the Moon. The solar cults that control the Dark City's stolen suns rise in power and influence, ultimately declaring war upon the noble houses that would see Commorragh plunged into permanent night. An aerial war rages for centuries, but is ultimately the noble houses that emerge victorious. Vect's Cult of the Black Heart becomes the first true Kabal during this period, and is instrumental in the defeat of the Cults during the Battle of Seven Shrouds[1]
  • M35: Vect engineers the Imperial attack on Commorragh, which devastates the Noble Houses of Commorragh and allows the Black Heart to assert control over the Dark City.[1]
  • M37: Vect causes the hidden portals that link each satellite realm of the Webway to be revealed, forcing them to open and building the Great Gates which are permanently guarded by Vect's elite forces. Over several millennia of civil war and strife, Commorragh expands into these once-autonomous regions until they become integral to the Dark City. Only the realm of Shaa-dom remains independent.[1]