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Age of Plenty

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The Age of Plenty was a period of the Dark Eldar. Taking place in late M41, it was marked by an increase in Dark Eldar realspace raids taking advantage of the increase in wars across the galaxy. It began with an official declaration by Asdrubael Vect in 994.M41, demanding that Commorragh strike lesser races wherever they are spread too thin. However the period also sees increasing instability in Commorragh, in particular the beginnings of the breaching of Khaine's Gate.[1]

The Age of Plenty came to an abrupt end with the rupturing of Khaine's Gate formed from the birth of the prophet Yvraine.[2]

Notable Events

  • 998.M41 - Urien Rakarth recognises similarities between his kin’s frenzied reaving of realspace and the blood-mad days that led up to the Fall. Ancient beyond mortal comprehension, Rakarth still dimly recalls that apocalyptic event. His memories are enough to prompt him to precautionary action – though Rakarth has no interest in the survival of either realspace nor his own race, without the living resources that both provide his personal quest for depravity would come to a crashing end. Thus the Haemonculus begins stockpiling what he views as raw materials, leading raids to seize vast quantities of slaves and dragging them back to the oubliettes in chains. As the scale of his raiding operations increases, Rakarth enlists the aid of several powerful Covens, including The Black Descent, The Coven of Twelve and the Prophets of Flesh. These monstrous cliques claim new sub-realms within the webway and begin to fill them with countless ranks of stasis-pods that fade away for miles into the gloom. Each contains a living being, stolen from realspace in order to stock the vile larders of the Haemonculi against hard times to come.[1]
  • 924999.M41 - A mighty storm front rolls through Warp space, plucking at the edges of the labyrinth dimension. Arterial passageways shudder uncontrollably while smaller, more damaged offshoots tear or collapse altogether. Khaine's Gate glows white hot for several moments, and one of the mighty chains that bind it snaps with a sound like a thunderclap. At the exact same moment, every single portal within the Dark City flickers out and then comes back to life, plunging hundreds of thousands into limbo or tearing them apart in transit. The Dark City is soon in uproar, and demands that Overlord Vect take action to prevent a full blown Dysjunction become ever louder. Vect suspects the hand of Lady Malys in this agitation, but his attempts to procure proof are foiled by troupes of Harlequins that appear from nowhere to slay Vect’s agents or abduct his informants.[1]
  • 978999.M41 - The Raid on Bakka
  • 995999.M41 - Fearing that Vect plans to intentionally trigger Khaine's Gate and drown his rivals in Daemons, the Lady Malys, Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue activates assets all across the Dark City. Waves of empyric energy roll from the Eye of Terror to batter Commorragh, collapsing sub-realms and breaching portals. Bands of Kabalites, Wyches and Harlequins loyal to Malys or Vect engage in increasingly bitter skirmishes around the Undercore, oblivious to the irony that both factions are fighting to achieve the same end. Meanwhile, in a chamber filled with swirling madness, hairline cracks spread across Khaine’s Gate.[1]
  • ~999.M41 - The Prophet of Ynnead known as Yvraine is born within Commorragh, her awakening rupturing Khaine's Gate and flooding it with Daemons.[2]