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Inquisitor Lord Agustius was a Thorian Puritan, of the Ordo Xenos and long time friend of Inquisitor Lord Brutius Parthon. He was so adverse to all types of technology that he had even refused to accept bionic implants in his crippled legs, preferring instead to trundle about in his wheelchair. He was normally in charge of the Deathwatch Kill Team led by Captain Quirion Octavius.[Needs Citation]


This page contains spoilers for: Warrior Brood (Novel)

Agustius had been traveling to the Segmentum Obscurus frontier, to take charge of the forces battling Tyranid incursions, when he learned the Herodian warp gate had been closed by Parthon. He had his gunship redirected to rendezvous with Parthon's Inquisition battleship, the Veiled Salvation. He was surprised to learn Parthon had co-opted his Deathwatch Kill Team and sent them to Herodian IV, but understood once Parthon explained the mission they were to undergo against the Tyranids invading the planet.[1a]

As he watched, the Tyranids battle the Imperial Navy task force above the planet Herodian IV, he was not satisfied with Parthon's plan and kept wondering why his friend was wasting the Imperial force's lives, instead of ordering an Exterminatus. He received his answer when his retinue, of Interrogator Lexopher and Death Cult Assassin Slyrian, found files on board the Veiled Salvation that showed Parthon had built a hidden weapons laboratory on the planet below. Agustius left Parthon's ship, in order to decide on a course of action[1b]. He decided to move against his friend and accuse him of heresy, for wasting Imperial lives in battle with the Tyranids, just so Parthon could save his weapons laboratory.[1c]

As Agustius and his retinue traveled in his gunship back to Inquisitor Lord Parthon's ship, they were attacked by assassins. Slyrian made quick work of them, leaving Inquisitor Lord Agustius with more evidence to prove Parthon's heresy.[1d] As they entered the Veiled Salvation however, Parthon had his forces waiting for them[1e]. Agustius and his retinue were killed, under the pretense of stealing secured classified files, from Parthon's ship and killing what were actually Imperial Guardsmen, that were a part of his retinue.[1f]

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