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Albia, sometimes called Old Albia, was a region of Terra during the Age of Strife. Bordering Northern Atlan and known for its ancient warlike Clans, the regions of Albia consisted of towering soot-blackened castram-cities. Under the rule of the Unspeakable King, Albia had once held much of Terra in its grasp and eventually defeated the Panpacific Empire. By the time the Emperor of Mankind's Unification Wars reached Albia, however, they had recently overthrown the last of the Unspeakable King's tyrannic descendants and refused to kneel before the Emperor. Instead they met His Thunder Warriors with their own proto-dreadnoughts and armoured ironside soldiers. In battle after battle, the Albians managed to hold back the Emperor's forces but only at staggering cost for the defenders.[1]

Admitting the martial temper and indomitable spirit of his foe, the Emperor called a ceasefire and sought a diplomatic solution. The Emperor appeared before the Albian Clan Lords unarmed and clothed in white and crimson, speaking of his vision of a unified mankind. He offered them glory among the stars and redemption. To the shock of many, the warlords of Albia, seeing the Emperor as different from past tyrants, accepted terms and soon became one of the most zealous supporters of unification.[1]

Working with the Emperor, the Ironside Clans of Albia provided some of the original recruits to the Death Guard, Night Lords, and Iron Hands.[1]


Albia was the Roman name for the River Elbe, indicating that the Terran state of Albia was potentially located within Central Europe.

Alternatively, considering it's bordering Northern Atlan (Potentially referring to the North Atlantic Basin), it's frequent wars with the Panpacific Empire (Itself across the Atlantic Basin), it's use of 'Ironside' soldiers and it's towering soot-blackened castram-cities, Albia could equally likely refer to the area of the British Isles.