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Alessio Cortez

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Captain Cortez

Alessio Cortez was a Captain of the Crimson Fists Fourth Company known for his pride, stubbornness, and being impossible to kill. It is said that only two bones in his entire body hadn't been broken one or more times. He lost his right arm to Ork Warboss Urzog Mag Kull. He ignored the wound and later killed the beast by ramming a Krak Grenade down its throat. He later reported for duty despite missing his right arm, and had to be told to stand down and wait for a Apothecary by his old friend Pedro Kantor. Cortez went missing in action after a battle with Eldar Raiders, and nothing is known of his whereabouts as of late M41. His old friend and brother Marine, Pedro Kantor, remains convinced that Cortez is still alive.[1]

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