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Alivia Sureka

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Alivia Sureka is a servant of the Emperor. An ancient human dating back to at least the 20th century of Terra, she is essentially immortal due to being a Perpetual.


Alivia Sureka was oblivious to her true nature until doom approached Arcadia.[1a]

During the Dark Age of Technology on a one-way spacecraft Alivia traveled with the man who would become the Emperor to Molech. There, she witnessed the Emperor enter the planet's gateway into the Warp and gain new powers, likely the ability to create the Primarchs. Sureka was kept behind on Molech by the Emperor to watch over the gateway and prevent others from utilizing its abilities. When Molech was garrisoned by the Imperium during the Great Crusade, her role became redundant and she settled down with a single father Jeph and his two daughters, Miska and Vivyen.[1]

Later when Molech was invaded by the forces of Horus during his rebellion, Alivia was caught up in the violence and encountered a group of Ultramarines led by Castor Alcade. Determined to prevent Horus from obtaining the abilities of the Emperor, Sureka convinced the Ultramarines in aiding her to seal the planet's hidden Warp gate. Alivia gave her life trying to permanently seal the gate just as Horus and the Justaerin advanced into its chamber, impaled by Horus' Power Claw seconds before she could complete the ritual. Later however Sureka was apparently revealed to still be alive, appearing before Vivyen and Miska aboard the ship Molech's Enlightenment.[1]

While on board the Molech's Enlightenment, Alivia's adopted daughter was abducted by a fragment of the serpent cult of Molech which had hidden itself on the ship. While searching for the child, Alivia was discovered by Severian of the Knights Errant who helped Alivia eliminate the cult cell and recover her daughter.[2]