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The Alpha was a Gloriana Class Battleship used by the Alpha Legion Adeptus Astartes in the years of the Great Crusade.

It served as a flagship of the Legion and alternated with the Beta as a flagship of the Primarch Alpharius Omegon himself. When the Alpha Legion turned traitor due to the revelations Alpharius and Omegon gained from the Cabal, the Alpha aided the Beta in destroying Imperial ships.[1] The Alpha later led the Alpha Legion forces in the Battle of the Alaxxes Nebula.[2]

Sometime after Alaxxes, the entire crew of the Alpha and its accompanying fleet was put into stasis and had most of its systems shut down on the orders of Alpharius. For the next year, the Alpha and its fleet drifted into the Sol System, escaping detection. Later, the Alpha, under the command of Kel Silonius, took led the Alpha Legion fleet in the Battle of Pluto before escaping.[3]