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Altor Crusade

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The Altor Crusade was a campaign waged by the Ultramarines in M41. During the Altor Crusade a young Tigurius forewarned the Scouts of the 10th Company of a successive series of ambushes planned by Eldar Pathfinders. His warnings, initially heeded with a degree of skepticism, doubtless saved dozens of lives – rather than leading their recruits into deadly traps, the Sergeants instead called in fire support from the Chapter’s Stormtalons, which duly turned the awaiting Eldar snipers into grisly corpses with their assault cannon fire. He also warned Captain Agemman to arrive several hours early for the armistice talks with the Eldar Autarch. When the Eldar general arrived with his entourage, he found the jungle foliage that had concealed squads of waiting Striking Scorpions burned to stubble by Agemman’s Land Raider Redeemer, Infernal Retribution, and the Captain waiting with his relic blade drawn.[1]