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Ambition Class Cruiser

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Ambition Class Cruiser[1]

The Ambition Class Cruiser is a type of Cruiser class vessel used by various Human fleets. These cruisers are often produced by Adeptus Mechanicus shipyards for extremely wealthy individuals, Rogue Traders, or the System Defence Forces of noble dynasties. These are rare vessels, as it is not common for shipbuilders to contract their services to buyers outside of the Imperial Navy. Despite being operated by various clans, houses, and fleets these are true Cruisers, packing as much firepower as the Lunar or Tyrant classes. They also invariably incorporate luxurious quarters and amenities for their buyers. These are ships built efficiently, and lacks some of the ultra-conservative redundancies built into Imperial Navy vessels. As a result, some have claimed that these ships are more fragile then "true cruisers", but most Rogue Traders and noble families are willing to take the risk.[1]

Technical Specifications[1]

  • Dimensions: 4.9km long, 2km abeam at fins
  • Mass: 25 megatonnes
  • Crew: 89,000
  • Acceleration: 3 gravities max sustainable acceleration

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