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Amendera Kendel

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Amendera Kendel

Amendera Kendel was a member of the Sisters of Silence during the Horus Heresy.

A Witchseeker from the Storm Dagger cadre with the rank of Oblivion Knight, Sister Amendera Kendel was around thirty years old at the beginning of the Horus Heresy. She commanded the Black Ship Aeria Gloris.

Kendel cut a lithe figure, even in her armour. She wore fine chainmail and golden armour plate, the torso section of which was crafted to resemble a bodice. She wore her purple-black hair up in a topknot, exposing the red aquila tattooed on her head. A red aquila was also etched across her armour, above her shoulder blades. As befitted a Sister of Silence, Kendel could move almost without making a sound. She herself communicated by sign language and through intermediaries. While she customarily signed in the Sisters of Silence sign-langugage, she was also fluent in the use of Astartes signed battle-code.

Kendel's cadre was assigned to aid the Death Guard Legion in exterminating an incursion by the Jorgall, a xenos species, towards the end of the Great Crusade. During this action she came into contact with Death Guard Captain Nathaniel Garro, who impressed her with his dutiful service. Later, Kendel agreed to guard the survivors of the Eisenstein incident on Luna while the terrible news they brought was digested. She supervised the examination of Euphrati Keeler, and was also forced to lead her Sisters into battle with the corrupted Solun Decius. Afterwards, she, along with Garro and Captain Iacton Qruze of the Sons of Horus, were told by Malcador the Sigillite that they would be needed to form the beginnings of an organisation which would utilise "men and women of inquisitive nature, hunters who might seek the witch, the traitor, the mutant, the xenos".