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Andar Scarion

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Andar Scarion

Andar Scarion is a Watch Captain of the Deathwatch and originally a member of the now-traitorous Astral Claws Chapter.[1]


A member of the Astral Claws Chapter, Scarion’s arrival at Watch Fortress Erioch in 782.M41 was met with controversy. His Chapter’s actions in recent decades had caused a significant amount of unrest amongst some in the Imperium. Nonetheless, after much deliberation Scarion was permitted to commence his Vigil, and for forty-five years he has served the Deathwatch with honor, achieving the rank of Watch Captain more than fifteen years ago.[1]

A proud and ruthless warrior with a keen grasp of strategy and military politics, Scarion has proven to be a valuable asset in liaising with the Achilus Crusade’s officers, capable of navigating the invariably complex political landscape of the Crusade. This has not prevented him from taking to the field, however, and on many occasions Scarion has had cause to clad himself in his warplate and take up bolter and [[lightning claw]] against the enemies of mankind.[1]

In recent years, Scarion has moved frequently between the fortress worlds of Spite and Wrath, working tirelessly to manage the growing madness of Lord Commander Ebongrave and trying to keep it from influencing the Deathwatch’s missions within the Canis Salient. In spite of his responsibilities, he has managed to keep a careful watch over a half-dozen Kill-teams operating within the Salient, often taking up his customary arms and joining them in the field where opportunity permits or necessity dictates.[1]

Scarion is a harsh commander at the best of times, the difficulties of the Achilus Crusade’s political landscape causing him continual stress, and while his pride does not allow him to voice discontent about his circumstances, he expects the Kill-teams under his command to perform to the most exacting of standards and does not tolerate laxity, weakness or failure.[1]

As is common to many of his Chapter, Scarion regards non-Astartes with a mixture of scorn and pity, holding that the Astartes ideal is fundamentally superior to the frailty of humanity. He masks this well in times of politics, but discards the facade when amongst other Astartes, seeing little issue with collateral damage amongst human allies and regarding them as expendable. This has caused considerable ill-will between him and Battle-Brothers more inclined towards benevolence, such as those of the Blood Angels, Salamanders, and Space Wolves Chapters.