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Angel of Fire

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2drones.gif This article is about the daemonic entity, for the Novel by William King see Angel of Fire (Novel)
2drones.gif This article is about the daemonic entity, for the Space Marine Chapter see Angels of Fire

The Angel of Fire was a guise adopted by a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch that possessed a splinter of the Imperial Cult on Karsk IV.


This page contains spoilers for: Angel of Fire (Novel)

Eventually, the worship of the Angel of Fire encompassed the entire planet, whose inhabitants believed the Angel was a divine figure that stood at the right arm of the Emperor of Mankind. The citizens erected thousands of shrines to the Angel all over their hive cities, and the largest cities built enormous statues that dominated the landscape. Through cleverly-installed gas valves, the Angels' wings were permanently rimmed with flames that gave the statues a luminous effect. Even the Guardsmen arriving on Karsk IV as part of the Macharian Crusade were briefly awestruck by the sight of these statues.

As the Cult of the Angel of Fire tightened its hold on the Karsk populace, the rituals surrounding the Angel expanded to include human sacrifice, in which civilians and prisoners of war were burned alive in oven-like cages. Worse, the Cult's senior priests revealed themselves as powerful rogue psykers who specalized in pyromancy and caused heavy losses against the Imperial Guard forces occupying the planet even after it had been officially reclaimed for the Imperium.

Inquisitor Hieronymo Drake sensed the true nature of the Angel of Fire, and deduced that the Cult was preparing a summoning ritual in the city of Irongrad that would let the Daemon manifest in the materium. Lord Solar Macharius led a second invasion of the city and dueled the emerging daemonhost in single combat, while Drake and his retinue combined their psychic abilities to shield the Lord Commander from the worst of the daemon's powers. The daemon was eventually banished back to the warp.