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Antithesis Stone

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The Antithesis Stone was a large lavender stone, that gave off a pulsing pink glow.[1a] It was found in a collapsed tunnel in the Gorgonid Mine, part of the Shatters, on the planet Sepheris Secundus. The Antithesis Stone gave off an aura, which was the raw power of chaos itself, and was able to alter anyone that came near it by transforming them into mutants, which it then controlled.[1a]


Though it was buried and its power weak, the Stone was able to sense the mutants that made up a large number of the population on the planet and lived in the mines. When tremors opened up parts of the tunnel it was in, the Stone was able to draw some of the mutants to it and these mutants were able to fully excavate the tunnel and soon fell under its power[1b]. Its servants began to bring more mutants to it, as well as kidnapping miners to increase its number of servants.[Needs Citation]

When a platoon of Imperial Guard were sent to put down a local Chaos Cult, known as the Malice Brotherhood[1c], the Stone sensed an opportunity to spread its influence and increase its power. When the Brotherhood and Imperial Guard began fighting in the tunnels, the Stone unleashed its mutant followers to attack. The mutants were a wave that killed both cultists and Guard alike. Hearing reports of the Guard failing and fearing the mutants would overwhelm his force on the surface, the Commissar in charge of the platoon had the entrance of the mine sealed and set up an en-basement nearby. Inside the mine, the surviving Guard and cultists found themselves trapped and were captured by the mutants and brought before the Stone, where they were mutated and put under its control.[1d]

Soon after, agents of the Inquisition were sent to assess the situation and made their way through the treacherous mine, avoiding the various pitfalls and killing any of the Stone's servants they found. Eventually, they made their way to the tunnel where the Stone was located. Though the Stone's power was still weak, it sought to defend itself by sending a wave of warp energy to mutate the agents into its service; once that failed it used the last remaining power to summon a weakened Plaguebearer. Even that was not enough to defend itself and the Stone was soon destroyed by the Inquisition agents.[1a]