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Anton Gebbet

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Anton Gebbet was the Regimental Commissar for the 1st Kronus Regiment, during the Dark Crusade on the planet Kronus. Gebbet was second in command of the Regiment, who oversaw the Guardsmen moral and discipline, as well as ensuring Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander didn't falter in his duties to lead the Regiment to victory; having the authority to execute Alexander and lead the Regiment in his stead if need be[1a]. As the Blood Ravens Chapter assaulted Victory Bay, the Regiment's stronghold, Gebbet and his Ogryn enforcers watched over the rebellious 5th Company, as they defended the power generators for the Hellstorm Cannon; the main part of Victory Bay's defensive capabilities. When the Blood Ravens moved to attack the power generators, Gebbet led the 5th Company in defending them, but when he and his enforcers were struck down the 5th Company threw off the Regiment's yoke and joined the Blood Ravens in attacking their former comrades.[1b]