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Apollyon Maestrich-Nova

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Apollyon Maestrich-Nova was a powerful Rogue Trader of the Imperium. In 454.M33, he discovered a moon that held fantastic natural wealth. Setting up his own mining operation from his personal fleet, Apollyon sought the diamond-glaciers that dominated the planet's landscape. Becoming rich enough to buy two additional spacefleets, Apollyon's wealth only served to corrupt his soul and he eventually fell to the embrace of Slaanesh. Embarking on a dark quest on behalf of his God, only when his tainted coin had circulated throughout every planet of the Reubric System did his grand design become clear. As Apollyon's moon eclipsed Reubia's sun, all those who had shared in his greed were suddenly filled with a cannibalistic hunger, leaving those who succumb open to Daemonic possession. A plea by Astropaths eventually reached Imperial ears, resulting in a force of Grey Knights arriving in strength in an attempt to save the system. The Grey Knights went on to battle the System's once-human invaders as the system inevitably collapsed into total anarchy.[1]