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The term Archeotech is generally given to ancient finds of technical artefacts found in hives. The richest source of archeotech is usually derelict domes, but various old machines can be found at the bottom of any deep layer of hive debris. The value of archeotech varies depending on what it is. For example, isotropic crystal fuel rods can be traded for a good price, while old rusted machinery can only be sold for the value of metal it contains.[1]

Examples of Archeotech


A portable hand-held device which allows the operator to view different locations. The perspective seen on the screen can be moved to view the scene from any point, even if it lies behind closed doors or solid walls.[2]

Cutting Beam

A bulky device which focuses a high-powered beam capable of cutting through the densest of building materials. It is effectively useless as a weapon, due to its weight and the concentration required to achieve any results.[2]


A device which can manipulate gravity in a localised area, allowing the operator to slowly float up to the highest reaches or gently drop down from a great height.[2]

Holo Projector

This device projects a startlingly realistic holographic image of the operator a short distance away to draw fire from enemies.[2]


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