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Ardentites is a Puritan philosophy and line of thinking followed by certain members of the Inquisition and are a subfaction of the Thorians.[1]


Technically, the Ardentites do not subscribe to the belief in resurrectionism or incarnationism but are often discussed alongside such factions. Their beliefs are not widespread but have persisted in various forms throughout the millenia, either within the broader Thorian beliefs or as a distinctive faction of their own.[1]

The basic principles of the Ardentites are centered on the concept of the Emperor Incarnate but that is where the similarities with the Thorians end. Instead of believing in a single Divine Avatar, the Ardentities feel that the power of the God-Emperor is likely to manifest either through a group or, more likely, through the entirety of Mankind itself. Many feel that as Humanity evolves into becoming a psychic race, which is evidenced by the gradual rise in mutation and rise of psychic abilities, that the ultimate aim of the Emperor is to protect Mankind in this vulnerable state by disseminating his power throughout Humanity. Thus, Ardentites do not concern themselves with seeking remarkable individuals but instead attempt to locate evidence of the Emperor's presence in such individuals by proof of talent or psychic ability. This process is considered vague and unsure as none can determine the evidence of the Emperor's presence. Despite this being the case, there is no end to accounts of miraculous events which are accounted to the intervention of the Emperor.[1]

They are also sometimes referred to as miracle chasers as a derogatory title much to the disdain of the Ardentites. This stems from the erratic behavior of Inquisitor Voragian Thex who spent two centuries during the 39th Millennium where he attempted to prove his faction's beliefs. However, he did not find a shred of evidence and when he presented his findings at a conclave of fellow Inquisitors, he was censured for dereliction of duty for devoting both time and resources to a baseless belief. Whilst this was the judgement of the conclave, many Ardentities continue their practices, showing a rebellious streak that is common amongst its members. Many regard them as being eccentric individuals who seek the work of the Emperor everywhere. This often makes them great investigators, as they delve deeper and longer than others. They are frequently unwilling to draw obvious conclusions from their discoveries but seek inner meanings as well as hidden motives in what they encounter.[1]