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Arguthrax the Magnificent (also known as the Despoiler of Kolchadon, the Bloody Hand of Skerentis Minor, and the End of Empires) is a toadlike Daemon of Khorne and a Lord of Drakaasi. His symbol, a stylised six-fingered hand, appears on his chest in the form of a weeping scab, and is also branded on his followers. He rides within a cauldron of steaming blood carried by blinded slaves, and has been known to wield a gigantic mace in battle.


This page contains spoilers for: Hammer of Daemons (Novel)

Arguthrax, like the other Lords of Drakaasi, is responsible for feeding the Arenas of Khorne with fresh slaves. He is known for his hatred towards Duke Venalitor, a fellow Lord, and has tried multiple times to kill Venalitor's prized slave: Justicar Alaric of the Grey Knights. Both of his attempts, first sending a Navigator beast and then his Daemon champion against Alaric, failed. He was enraged when Venalitor took the champion's head for himself, and mobilised his armies for a war against Venalitor. Hunter daemons were sent out on the streets with Venalitor's scent, and Furies in the sky to watch his underlings' movements. An open battle broke out on the plains between Ghaal and Gorgath wherein an alliance of cults loyal to Arguthrax fought against Venalitor's army of scaephylyds. Arguthrax's forces won, and took the scaephylyds' heads and limbs to present to Arguthrax at a parade. It was then that Lord Ebondrake decreed that the lords of Drakaasi work together to create a vast army to join the Thirteenth Black Crusade, and that ended the open conflict between Arguthrax and Venalitor. Despire this, the war still went on in secret.

During the sacred Vel'Skan game, a massive slave breakout occured. Investigating the cause of the breakout, Arguthrax hoped to demonstrate that one of Venalitor's slaves was involved and thus convict him; but instead found a shard of an Ophidian Guard's sword embedded in the chief gaoler's body (which had in fact been left there by Kelhedros under Alaric's instructions). Thinking that Lord Ebondrake had orchestrated the escape to give the lords a common enemy to unite against, and enraged that he would profane Khorne's sacred game to get his crusade, Arguthrax began calling upon the other lords of Drakaasi to mete out justice upon Ebondrake. The assembled armies converged and fought each other in the Antediluvian Valley in week-long conflicts. Arguthrax's ultimate fate is unknown, but it is likely that he perished along with the other lords of Drakaasi.