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Armandus Helfire

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Armandus Helfire is a Cardinal of the Adeptus Ministorum. Presiding over the Diocese of Avignor, the close proximity of the Eye of Terror to his jurisdiction has led Armandus to lead many Wars of Faith against Chaos invaders. As such, he is a huge, muscular man and is known in the Holy Synod for his conservative views.[1]

Armandus is from a lower class background, something uncommon among his fellow Cardinals. As such, he views himself as a working man doing his job. His commands are typified by a high morale and he is often a source of camaraderie between his troops. His sense of humor, wit, and amicability has raised the spirits of rag-tag teams of Frateris Militia and helped turn them into a fighting force equal of the Imperial Guard.[1]