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Arven Rauth

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2drones.gif This article is about the Iron Hands Space Marine; for the Deathwatch Space Marine, see Darrion Rauth.

Arven Rauth is a Clan-Commander of the Iron Hands, commanding Clan Raukaan. During his training as a Neophyte he had his entire left arm, original heart and a lung blown off by a bolt-round from Sergeant Tartrak. They were all later replaced by augmetics, though he had to make do without a left arm until his training was completed. In battle with prophet alpha he had his cheek cut open by Prophet alphas saw for a left hand .Khrysaar later tossed in a frag grenade that blew off Prophet alphas legs. This left half of Rauths face hanging off his jaw as well, though he was lucky to be sheltered by Prophet alphas body.[3] He later suffered damaged to his only remaining lung and a leg. The lung was healed, but the leg needed replacing. Rather then replace the leg though Apothecary Cullas Mohr just kept patching it up.[4] He took command of Raukaan after Kristos was corrupted during the Gaudinian Heresy.[2] A cold, calculating leader, he has been purged of all weakness and in its place, only strength remains.[1]