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Assassinorum: The Emperor's Judgement (Audio Drama)

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Assassinorum: The Emperor's Judgement
Author Joe Parrino
Performer Robin Bowerman, Ian Brooker, Beth Chalmers, Jonathan Keeble and Tania Rodrigues
Publisher Black Library
Released April 2015
Editions July 2015 e-audio
ISBN 9781849709071

Assassinorum: The Emperor's Judgement is an audio drama by Joe Parrino, released in April 2015. It acts as a prequel to Assassinorum: Execution Force (Novel).

Cover Description

On the world of Tevrat, Callidus Assassin Klara Rhasc stalks her prey, awaiting the moment to strike. But when her mark is murdered by a crazed Eversor Assassin, Rhasc embarks on a new kind of mission: to find and subdue her fellow operative. Following in his footsteps, Rhasc tries to think like the Eversor, but faces a new kind of danger - if she uses her chameleonic abilities to emulate the drug-fuelled killer, she risks losing herself and becoming like him. The hunt is on.

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