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Astraeos was a Librarian and a member of a dying Renegade Chapter. His chapter's home planet was destroyed by the Inquisition and he and a handful of members fled. Astraeos and two other comrades were captured when the The Harrowing, a traitor warband, attacked their ship, the Titan Child.


The three renegades were captured and tortured by the Harrowing. During the torture Astraeos had his eye eaten by the warband's head sorcerer, Maroth, who believed that consuming the eye would provide Maroth with knowledge and power.

Later Astraeos and his comrades escaped with the help of Ahzek Ahriman and retook the Titan Child. In exchange he reluctantly swore an oath to aid Ahriman, that bound him and his brothers. Astraeos and his brothers assisted Ahriman with discovering who was seeking him out, and eventually identified the man as Amon, who they helped Ahriman to destroy and take over his fleet.

After Amon was defeated, Astraeos and his surviving brother Kadin were relieved of their oaths, however, they pledged new oaths of loyalty to Ahriman under their own free will.[1]

By the time Ahriman had consolidated his power and had taken full control of Amon's warband he planned to find where the Athenaeum of Kallimakus was and take its secrets for himself. In order to locate it, he needed to seek out Inquisitor Iobel.

Ahriman sent Astraeos to be captured by the Inquisition, and he was tortured for secrets about Ahriman and his plans. Unknown to the Inquisition, Astraeos's mind served as a beacon which allowed Ahriman to teleport inside the base and capture Iobel. Astraeos was left behind, suffering from the loss of his face and his sight. He was then re-captured by the Inquisition and tortured for Ahriman's whereabouts.[2x]

After obtaining the Athenaeum of Kallimakus, Ahriman contacted Astraeos via a psychic link and provided him with a means to escape. Pursued by a squad of four Grey Knights, Astraeos killed one but was overwhelmed by the remaining three. Desperate to survive, he bonded with the daemon that had previously inhabited his brother Cadar's body. Their combined strength defeated the Grey Knights and Astraeos escaped the clutches of the Inquisition.[2a][2b][2c]