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Astral Spectre

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An Astral Spectre.

Astral Spectres are warp creatures formed from psychic energy and the fabric of the Empyrean, and created by the foolhardy actions of an untrained psyker. They feed off soul-essence, requiring a constant supply of warp energy to survive.

Spectres vary in appearance, but all retain the same basic form. Each is a vaguely humanoid figure, composed of semi-translucent shadow. They are uniformly vile and horrifying to behold, and their mere presence unnerves nearby creatures.

While the natural form of a Spectre is incorporeal, they are able to possess the bodies of intelligent beings. They feed off the soul of their host, leaving them as a mindless husk, and absorb some of their host's memories, which the Spectre uses to maintain a façade of normality.