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The Phoenix Lord Asurmen

Asurmen is said to have been the first Eldar Phoenix Lord. He was the founder of the Path of the Warrior and he created the first shrine of Asur, the Dire Avenger shrine, which was to grow into the most wide-spread of the Aspects.


Asurmen's name means "The Hand of Asuryan" and it was he who led the Eldar race away from their doomed homeworlds at the time of the Fall of the Eldar. After the Fall, Asurmen and his followers landed on a barren world and renamed it Asur. There, he founded the first of the Aspect shrines, the Dire Avengers, which have become the most common of all the warrior Aspects.[1a] Asurmen established the Asurya, who went on to open new Aspect Shrines across the stars.[2]

He has traveled to more craftworlds than any other Phoenix Lord, teaching those Eldar who wanted to learn, and has founded more shrines than any other Phoenix Lord. The greatest of his students went on to found their own Aspect shrines and became Phoenix Lords themselves.[1a] Soon after the inception of the Aspect Shrines, the Hand of Asuryan vanished, but tales of his deeds continue to be reported. Experiencing various deaths but being reborn again thanks to his armor, notably at the hands of the Keeper of Secrets N'Kari[3], he has been rumored slaying the agents of Chaos in the Eye of Terror to the Eastern Fringe. His actions have even become legends to the lesser races.[2]


Asurmen's ancient armour incorporates vambraces with integrated Shuriken Catapults and his Diresword (named The Sword of Asur[4]) was the first created and contained the spirit of his brother, Tethesis, who was slain by a Daemon.[1a]


Asurmen Miniature.[1b]
The ancient rune of Asurmen

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