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Aun'va, Ethereal Supreme, and his Honour Guards[1b]

Aun'Va is the Tau Ethereal Supreme, the Aun'o of the Tau Empire and Master of the Undying Spirit. Replacing the aging Aun'wei, he is said to be the oldest of Ethereals and it is easy to see his effect on the expansion of the Tau Empire. He sits upon the highest councils governing not just Septs but also the entire empire. Any advice he gives is always followed as his experience surpasses anything any other Tau has.[1a] It is said that none can deny his will, and that to even show disagreement with him seems the most crass and boorish admission of ignorance.[2]

Although he is the spiritual leader of the Tau, he has also served on the very front lines in the early expansionist phase of the Tau Empire. He was instrumental in Tau planning during the Farsight Expedition and Great War of Confederation. His presence at the Si'coa system allowed the Fire Warriors to destroy the Reek and upon the flanks of Mount Scion he described the fate of the Ork Waaagh! Grognik, which the Tau swiftly followed, utterly destroying the Orks. During the Battle of Mu'gulath Bay during the Third Sphere of Expansion, he personally accompanied Commander Shadowsun in the battle, which turned into one of the greatest Tau victories over the Imperium.[1a]

His full name is Aun'o'T'au'Acaya'Va'Denta and his title includes Master of the Undying Spirit and stands as supreme Ethereal in the new Third Sphere of Expansion with Commander Shadowsun at his side at all times. He leads them forward to new frontiers and enemies.[Needs Citation]


Aun'Va on his hover chair