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Avernia is a System of the Imperium.


At some point, a coven of Alpha Legion Sorcerers use a combination of psychic hypnosis and double agents seeded within the Administratum to convinces the Imperial authorities that their maps have the Avernian System in the wrong place. When the Alpha Legion invade the industrial worlds of Avernia III and Primavernia, psychic distress calls are sent out. The Adeptus Terra divert a formidable battle group from the war for the jewel world of Negligence towards Avernia’s coordinates in Segmentum Pacificus. They make their warp translation in good time, but in entirely the wrong segmentum. Both Avernia and Negligence fall within the year.[1b]


On the Galactic Map Avernia is located in Segmentum Solar, not Pacificus[1a]