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Banishers are pious men of the Ecclesiarchy which specialize in the banishment of Daemons through the Litany of Purity. Their skill in the field results in them often being used in the Retinues of Inquisitors.[1]

Not all Banishers are trained by the Ministorium. On many Calixis Sector Feudal or Feral worlds, wise men steel themselves to study that which dwells in the dark, seeking wisdom to help them vanquish Warp-spawned entities. While these elders are not usually steeped in the tutelage of the Ecclesiarchy, they are no less devout to the Imperial Creed, and can be quite useful in rooting out long forgotten omens and ancient secrets in Imperial archives. Many Inquisitors have also been known to train Banishers to combat specific daemons.[2]

Banishers hold a delicate position in an Acolytes Cell. Experienced Acolytes revere them for their wisdom and temperance in the face of terrible secrets, and often owe their survival and success to the madness the Banisher has interpreted for them. Yet these same Acolytes know that no mind can understand the unknowable and walk away unscathed. Therefore Banishers are seen with a distant respect and watched closely for fear that they may suddenly snap under the weight of their dark knowledge. Though occasionally found within other Ordos, Banishers are usually under the employ and oversight of the Ordo Malleus. A Malleus Inquisitor may employ dozens, or hundreds of Banishers all working diligently to uncover the details of a Daemonic incursion into the materium. Many Banishers work in groups, though not for the sake of efficiency. There have been cases of Banishers using their knowledge to gain personal power or to traffic with daemons. Thanks to their training, however, these instances have been few, and placing them in a larger group allows other Acolytes to keep an eye on them as needed.[2]