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Barbed Strangler

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Barbed Strangler (6th Edition)[4]

The Barbed Strangler is a Tyranid Bio-weapon.


These weapons fire seed pods that grow to maturity in seconds, spreading out hooked tendrils in all directions.[5]

Previous Editions

In 4th Edition and 3rd Edition the Barbed Strangler is a fairly simple weapon consisting of a seed sac and a muscled tube. A seed moves from the sac to the barrel where it grows in seconds. When it is launched it grows further in all directions, reaching maturity in seconds. It sends out hooked tendrils to bind and tear apart its prey. The seed has some similarity to some ground-based xenomorphs and is in actual fact a sentient alien flora.[1][2]

In 2nd Edition the barbed strangler is the actual projectile, the name being transferred to the weapon itself. The seed begins within a seed pod the size of a man's fist and is fired from a simple muscled tube. If the pod pierces armour it activates and grows, thanks to the warmth of the body it just hit. Within seconds a number of tentacles shoot through the body and tear it apart. At full development, blood red tendrils lash out of the victim and spread in all directions. The actual strangler seems to have no body as such but is a creature. It also seems to bear some similarities to some terrestrial xenomorphs. The strangler uses up its energy within moments and falls dormant but the initial burst of growth is easily enough to destroy anything it impacts, including vehicle armour if it can find a suitable chink in the armour. Even if enemies do survive they will be helpless, bound by steel hard tendrils.[3]


A Barbed Strangler
Inset: The projectile.[Needs Citation]