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Barthol Van Voytz

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Lord General Barthol Van Voytz was the commander of the 9th Army group of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and a prominent Lord General overall in the Crusade hierarchy.

A very able commander of forces, he was quick to recognise the value of the Tanith First and Only as an elite stealth operations force, first using them in such a role during the invasion of Ouranberg, when he deployed four teams into the city to eliminate the Chaos leader Sagittar Slaith.

He also helped get half of the Tanith First redeployed from the front line trenches on Aexe Cardinal so they could be best used to scout and eventually repel a Blood Pact invasion through what was seen as impassable forest territory.

After the Tanith helped save the world of Herodor from a Chaos invasion he asked Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt to select a team of specialists to infiltrate the Chaos-captured world of Gereon to eliminate the traitor Lord General Noches Sturm.