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Battle Barge

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A Space Marine Battle Barge

The Battle Barge is the largest Space Marine warship and is configured for close support of planetary landings, carrying numerous bombardment turrets, lances, and torpedo tubes. Most chapters control two or three Battle Barges designed to deploy a fighting force to planets in a rapid fashion.[1] Large amounts of space are designed to hold launch bays for inter-system craft and drop pods allowing up to three companies to deploy simultaneously.[1] The vessel is extremely heavily armored and well-shielded for breaching planetary defenses while also protecting its cargo. It is also a dangerous enemy, especially with boarding actions but also contains enough firepower to destroy all but the most powerful of warships. Battle Barges are some of the most powerful ships the Imperium has at its disposal, due to both the power of the ships and their contents.

Famous Battle Barges

Chapter/Legion Vessel Noteworthy Actions Current Status
Alpha Legion Alpha[15] Unknown Unknown
Beta[15] Attack on Deliverance city of Ravendelve. Unknown
Angels of Absolution Liberatorii Delictum Unknown Unknown
Astral Knights Tempestus Destroyed in a collision with the World Engine. Wrecked hull converted into an Imperial Shrine to the Astral Knights on Safehold.
Black Templars Eternal Crusader[5] Unknown Unknown
Blood Angels Bellus Led the expedition into Ork space to recover the Spear of Telesto; subsequently commandeered as the flagship of Arkio and Inquisitor Ramius Stele. Destroyed over Sabien in combat with its sister ship Europae and the Desolator Battleship Misericorde.
Europae Served as Mephiston's flagship in the punitive expedition against Arkio and his rebel faction. Unknown
Blood Ravens Litany of Fury[18] Unknown Unknown
Omnis Arcanum[18] Unknown Unknown
Dark Angels Angel of Retribution Vraks Campaign [12] Unknown
Ultimate Vengeance Unknown Unknown
Undying Faith Unknown Unknown
Unrelenting Fury Unknown Unknown
Vinco Redemptor Unknown Unknown
Death Guard Reaper's Scythe Unknown Unknown
Stalwart Unknown Unknown
Emperor Bucephelus Great Crusade, Battle of Gyros-Thravian Unknown
Emperor's Children The Agony and the Ecstasy Unknown Unknown
Callidora[15] Unknown Unknown
Exorcists Punisher[1] Unknown Unknown
Redeemer[1] Unknown Unknown
Flesh Tearers Victus[9] Unknown Unknown
Grey Knights Bright Sword[6] Unknown Unknown
Imperial Hawks Carmine Talon[14] Unknown Unknown
Iron Hands Armourum Ferrus Unknown Unknown
Ferrum Unknown Unknown
Fist of Iron Unknown Unknown
Metallus Unknown Destroyed by the Diasporex.
Iron Snakes Temerity Unknown Unknown
Iron Warriors Contrador Battle at the Phall system Unknown
Legion of the Damned Raptorus Rex Unknown Unknown
Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion Breakspear Unknown Unknown
Vengeful Spirit Battle of Terra, 13th Black Crusade Unknown
Mantis Warriors Endless Redemption Unknown Unknown
Novamarines Inexorable Fury Unknown Destroyed by Eldar
Raptors War Talon[11] Unknown Unknown
Raven Guard Shadow of the Emperor[2] Dropsite Massacre Destroyed at Isstvan by the Terminus Est
Salamanders Hammer of Nocturne[10] Unknown Unknown
Vulkan's Wrath[8] Assault on Commorragh Unknown
Soul Drinkers Carnivore Unknown Unknown
Space Wolves Holmgang Unknown Unknown
Gylfarheim[19] First War for Armageddon Unknown
Ultramarines Macragge's Honour[17] Battle of Calth Flagship of the Ultramarine Navy. Suffered heavy damage at the Battle of Calth
Caesar Unknown Reports conflict: either destroyed by Hive Fleet Behemoth during the Battle for Macragge (745.M41)[7];

or crashed in the seas of Talassar in 854999.M41[16];

Octavius Unknown Unknown
Rath's Honour[3] Rescued the Raptors chapter from the death-world of Jemdal. Unknown
Severian[4] Unknown Unknown
White Consuls Sword of Truth[1] Unknown Unknown
Word Bearers Destiny's Hand Unknown Unknown
Infidus Imperator Battle of Calth Destroyed by Macragge's Honour[21]
Misericorde Unknown Unknown
World Eaters The Conqueror Unknown Unknown


A model of a Space Marine Battle Barge


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