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Battle of Andraxas

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The Battle of Andraxas was a battle fought between the Imperium and Orks in 922.M41.[1]


Chief Librarian Tigurius leads an Ultramarines strike force to rescue a delegation of Tech-priests from the Ork invasion of the world of Andraxas. Within the towering mega-fortress known as the Great Bastion, the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-priests have unearthed a Force Staff that bears the Electro recognition codes of none other than Malcador the Sigillite. The Ultramarines strike with pinpoint accuracy and great fury, only to find that the Ork forces upon Andraxas have such a high degree of aerial supremacy that they can scramble a dizzying amount of reinforcements to the Great Bastion. Given that the Bastion is the only part of the planet that has not already been subjugated by the Greenskins, the Orks flock to the fight in impossible numbers.[1]

Tigurius and his men are outnumbered fifty-to-one, and are about to commend their souls to the Emperor when the air shimmers and the Legion of the Damned burst into the Materium. The slaughter that follows is nothing short of amazing. Flaming volleys of Bolter shells blast Orks to bloody scraps on every wall and gully. Tigurius renews his attack, only to find the morale of the xenos invaders has been devastated by the sudden and inexplicable strike. The Great Bastion is secured and used as a base for the subsequent evacuation of the world's surviving Imperials. The Force Staff is recovered and examined by the Mechanicus and then by Tigurius himself, yielding secrets about the Golden Throne's construction and a greater understanding of the sacrifice its master made in the name of the Imperium. It is still in the Chief Librarian's hands to this day.[1]