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Battle of Beta-Garmon

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Battle of Beta-Garmon
Titans battle in the Beta-Garmon campaign
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date 012.M31
Location Beta-Garmon System
Outcome Traitor victory
Traitors Imperium
Horus Lupercal(WIA) Unknown
Sons of Horus
Traitor Titan Legions
Traitor Imperial Army
Collegia Titanica
Imperial Army
Massive Massive

The Battle of Beta-Garmon, also known as the Great Slaughter of Beta-Garmon and Titandeath[5], was a battle of the Horus Heresy.


The battle was waged towards the end of the Heresy in 013.M31[2] following the infiltration of the Alpha Legion in the Solar System[3] in preparation for Horus's advance on Terra. With the Ruinstorm abating commander of loyalist forces on Terra, Rogal Dorn, decided to muster the majority of his non-Astartes strength to Beta-Garmon to hold the traitor advance until such a time where Roboute Guilliman and Lion El'Jonson could arrive from the rear and crush them. Titans made of the primary strength of the Imperial force, as Dorn feared that their mass use on Terra could destroy the planet forever.[4]

Thus a massive armada consisting of tens of thousands of vessels including hundreds of Collegia Titanica Titan transports were mustered to the strategically important world of Beta-Garmon which was known as the gateway to Sol.[4] Many Imperial Fists joined the loyalist forces, and were confronted by a massive traitor armada led by Horus himself.[1] The subsequent battle became one of the largest of the Heresy. The scale was such that it encompassed multiple theatres such as the Titandeath and Sea of Fire campaigns, both massive engagements in their own right.[5] After months of vicious fighting, Horus himself appeared on the front and turned the tide. However the wound he had suffered from Leman Russ re-opened, causing him to collapse at the conclusion of the battle. The Warmaster was rushed back to the Vengeful Spirit.

Ultimately, Horus' victory at Beta-Garmon culminated in the Siege of Terra. However the casualties of the Beta-Garmon campaign were so great that they exceeded the last five years of the entire Great Crusade.[6]

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