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Battle of Carrion Deep

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The Battle of Carrion Deep was fought in 899.M41 between the Executioners Space Marine Chapter and the Necrons of Carrion Deep.[1]

The Executioners 2nd Company landed on Carrion Deep, a Dead World near the Veiled Region, to investigate a distress signal from the Imperial outpost stationed there. As the Space Marines explored the ruins of the outpost they were ambushed by "terrifying metallic spectres". Surrounded and outnumbered, the Executioners attempted to break out - focusing all their strength on a single point on the enemy line. High Chaplain Thulsa Kane bought valuable time for his comrades by seeking out and attacking the enemy leader. Although Kane's Crozius Arcanum was broken and his right eye permanently damaged, he struck down his foe and led the Executioners out of the ambush.[1]

Less than a third of the Executioners escaped from Carrion Deep. However, the fact that they did survive - and were able to compile one of the first confirmed and detailed battle reports by Imperial forces concerning the Necrons - is regarded as a miraculous victory in itself.[1]