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Battle of Drogensul

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The Battle of Drogensul was a campaign waged by the Death Guard sometime after the formation of the Great Rift.

On the Industrial World of Drogensul, several warbands of the 1st Plague Company meet stiff resistance from Imperial defenders. Death Guard dropships make repeated passes over the industrial fortress-factories, dropping spiked iron cubes the size of hab units that crash down in the streets and manufactorums. Disease radiates from these rusting monoliths, and the Imperial defenders waste no time in setting charges to destroy them. The true horror of the Death Guard plan is revealed when the charges blow, rupturing the cubes and allowing the tightly-packed Poxwalkers inside to spill from the wreckage. Within days the Walking Pox is rife throughout the fortress-factories of Drogensul. Only then do the Plague Marines of the 1st Plague Company return to finish the fight.[1]