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Battle of Hamagora

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The Battle of Hamagora was a war between the Imperium and Chaos in early M42.[1]


The battle began when the 2nd Company of then newly reformed Scythes of the Emperor finds itself under siege upon the hive world of Hamagora. The Scythes are assailed by an endless swarm of Nurgle Daemons. Intercessor Squads establish a series of kill-zones among the ruins of hive Agrippa, yet for every Daemon they slay, two more emerge and their casualties begin to mount.[1]

Meanwhile, operating in total secrecy, The Grey Knights Strike Force Harbinger of the 5th Brotherhood teleports into the sub-city. Their quarry is the Great Unclean One Gul’gulm’ga’tol. After a bloody battle, the strike team sends Gul’gulm’ga’tol screaming into the warp. Hamagora is saved, though the Scythes never discover how.[1]